Positive Mattitude Yoga

“I started practicing yoga to get in shape, I hated exercising! but I was surprised that after practicing regularly, I started getting better sleep at night, I eat better because I make better choices. Some bad habits I thought I could never overcome eventually just went away! My mind feels clearer and I am just amazed at what I can do now and I still don’t like to exercise!”-Debora, +Mattitude Yogi 

Yoga is an incredibly effective way to not only exercise your body, but to also build inner strength, balance, and overall wellbeing. Yoga improves flexibility, lowers blood pressure, can trim your waistline. Yoga can improve your breathing and sleeping while detoxify you. Whether yoga is your passion, or maybe its running, by developing a regular yoga practice you can increase your awareness and improve your overall quality of life off of the yoga mat.

There are several different style of yoga practice, each style having their own purpose in a health and wellness regimen. Under this section you will find the five different styles of yoga that I have been trained to guide; Vinyasa, Hot, Yin, Prenatal, and Restorative Meditation.  Read the different descriptions to discover which style or combination of styles work for your personal fitness and lifestyle goals. Currently  offerring private (one on one) or semi-private (closed group) sessions, contact me for more details.

Be well.